Travelling offers a lot at stake, and often, it binds uncertainty. So, your goal should always be voyaging with peace of mind, and insurance makes that possible. Getting travel insurance isn’t a matter of a push coming to shove but an impulse that should only be natural. So, whether or not you often travel, having a cover is everything you need. Here are the reasons for getting travel insurance in Singapore.

1. To Prevent Financial Imbalances Due to Sickness

The possibility of you or your family member falling sick is usually beyond the horizon, sometimes happening out of the blue. That means you must dig into your pockets and foot the bills, adding unanticipated costs to your tight schedule. However, travel insurance helps you cut your spending, using as less as possible as the rest gets taken care of.

2. Flight Delays

Flight delays are a pain in the neck and often derail your trip. That may culminate into missed appointments or incurred losses in booked accommodations. But, to counter that, you can visit and get yourself the assuring protection. Travel insurance companies walk you through it all, ensuring you get the compensation you need.

3. Counter trip cancellation

Trip cancellations possibly occur and if you’re traveling across Singapore, having insurance protection helps prevent further costs. Natural events can be a precursor to halt your already underway travel plans, which may coerce you to cancel your trip for safety. Hurricanes and floods won’t allow you to travel, and if you’ve already got your tickets, you may miss out on refunds. But travel insurance always has your back.

4. For Luggage protection

Even as careful as you may be, your luggage might get lost under your nose, sometimes inexplicably. And that could coin into losses if your prized possessions disappear into thin air. Besides, your flight company may delay luggage clearance for their protocol, delaying your flight in the long haul. However, travel insurance can always be your much-needed savior to help you legally retrieve your luggage or cover the cost incurred.

5. Cover Costs from Accidents

Accidents occur as an ambush and out of nowhere. And despite being overly careful and paying attention to detail, you have no control over what could happen. If the accident is so severe, leading to damages of drastic proportions, you need a hand to see you through. That makes getting travel insurance cover a no-brainer.

6. Travel Insurance Is Mandatory

Travel insurance is mandatory for Singapore residents, but a few exceptions exist for short-term visitors to the country. Therefore, it’s a matter of compliance and following the safety travel protocol to be on the safe side of the law. However, it’s a virtue having one and doesn’t require coercion. Travel insurance offers you peace of mind, so why not consider buying one?


Travel insurance is an asset you’d need for your travel, helping you mitigate costs due to the uncertainties. However, you need a good insurance company to actualize that; luckily, Singapore is a trove of the best insurance companies worldwide.

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