You may have planned to visit Gurgaon, Haryana for a leisure trip with your friends. But is there any other place of interest here in this district? One such place that attracts locals and people from across the country is Sohna. This municipal committee is located in Gurgaon District and is a famous tourist weekend getaway. Its exact location is on the Gurgaon-Alway Highway as well as part of the Sohna Tehsil-Ahirwal area. It will be useful to check out in advance the different sohna westin resort activities that you can engage in. This way, you are sure to have lots of fun during your trip. 

Interesting things about Sohna

It is close to Delhi, the National Capital and is popular for its forts, hot water springs and temples, etc. It has good roads and is well connected with Gurgaon as well as other parts of the country. One popular attraction that compels people from the surrounding area to visit her is the Vintage Car festival that is held here annually every February. ‘Sona’ in the local languages means ‘Gold’. It has derived this name as gold dust blows from the city. 


This town is surrounded on its sides by the ancient, majestic Aravalli hills, thus making it a wonderful weekend destination. Couples, groups and families come here to visit the Shiva Temple, Sulfur Water Spring, Damdama Lake and to stay here for a couple of days to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. There are also other exciting attractions here like the hot water spring called Shiv Kund, Kamboj ruins, Gora Barak Mosque, etc. 

Vintage Car Rally

Held every February, car collectors gather at this place coming from all over the country to exhibit their collection of those vintage beauties. It includes Hyundai, Aston Martins, Audi and Rolls Royce. During the exhibition, this Vintage Rally provides tax owners trophies to those deserving. Tourists in hundreds visiting to get a glimpse of this amazing occasion and capture it in their minds and pictures! Camp Wild Dhauj can be made the base. It is close to Sohna, of about 20 km distance. 

Top places to visit in Sohna

  • Water Springs and Sohna Lake: According to local folklore, the name ‘Sohna’ has been given to this place as the sands here were once filled with gold. Moreover, water springs that are prevalent here have sulphur content in it, considered to be a medicinal and remedial property for several diseases. Hot sulphur water when taken bathed in can cure several types of skin diseases. These springs can be found in the rock footsteps. They have recently been modernized to offer visitors with spa and sauna complex. Facilities offered here include steam baths. There is also present a mini-swimming pool. Thus, the springs have become an important, must-visit tourist destination. Advance booking will be mandatory to ensure getting a place to stay close by to enjoy the medicinal benefits offered by the waters of the hot spring. It also makes a great place to spend the holidays and weekends for families and solo travellers. 
  • Dumdama Lake: This beautiful lake is located just 21 km. distance from Gurgaon. Surrounded by lush greenery and hillocks, it has emerged to become a famous picnic spot in this region. This lake offers various types of adventure sports, zorbing, boating facilities, etc. Families prefer to spend quality time at this picnic spot that is presently maintained by the Haryana government tourism department. Also is present a small restaurant that offers thirsty and hungry visitors soft drinks and snacks. It is indeed a beautiful landscape that you should not miss out on. 
  • Sohna Hill Fort: It is also referred to as Sohna’s Bharatpur Hill Fort. It has been constructed amidst the Aravalli range atop a hill and is close to Sohna town. Presently, this fort is in ruins but can be visited by tourists to check out its beautiful architecture. Highway 71B is known to have the fort’s bastions on its sides while the ruins do make an interesting sight to check out. This fort is known to have been demolished throughout its history only to be reconstructed again several times. Its ruins do make a wonderful place to enjoy a lovely evening with friends or the spouse. You can get to see a few interesting remains of the rich legacy of the previous Princely Bharatpur state. Visiting the ruins will be worth the effort and time. 
  • Adventure Camp Sohna: This adventure camp is located in little distance away from the town and provides visitors with several exciting activities. You can enjoy here rock climbing, trekking and camping here at night under the open starlit sky. It has become a favourite place for corporate getaways. This camp has a paintball area and offers a mountain rappelling and rope course. Snacks and food served here are quite delicious. You can get to stay inside the tents, thereby having that feeling of being at any popular hill station. You are sure to have a lovely and fun-filled weekend. 
  • Kamboj Ruins: These ruins are known to have historical significance. Kambol’s people were considered to be the royal elite who had once served the Mughal and Lodhi empires. They had rather settled close to Sohna and constructed lavish buildings, and houses. These ruins belong to those times when Britishers before the independence period had raided this place. It was back then that this community had lost slowly its patronage and left it to move elsewhere to save itself. History buffs are sure to find the remains quite interesting. It also includes those who are eager to know about the rich history of this place. 

How can you reach Sohna?

From Gurgaon and Delhi city, you can easily avail of public transport services like buses to visit Sohna. You may even consider hiring a cab or private taxi to get a ride. The nearest airport to this place is the ‘Indira Gandhi Intl. Airport’ is situated at about 43 kilometres distance from Sohna. From the airport, you can get public buses and cabs, taxis.