Planning a successful family vacation is a nightmare for most parents. Unlike planning a trip for couples, there is much to consider if kids are part of your entourage. The number of decisions and choices you should make during the planning stage is overwhelming, especially if your kids are still young. This includes booking the right hotel with kid-friendly features, choosing favorable means of transport, looking for the perfect destination, and more. Below are a few tips to consider when planning a family vacation:

1.  Choose Where to Visit with Your Family

Choosing the best destination for a family vacation is challenging. You should consider several factors, including the key experiences you want to explore, budget, individual interests, and more. The best place to begin is by listing everyone’s interests and what they’d like to see or do. This might include taking long hikes, visiting museums, historical centers, or the beach.

You should then list all the places that offer the activities mentioned by family members. Consider destinations with several activities and consult family members before making the final decision. If you plan to vacation locally, below are things to do with kids in Tempe, Arizona.

Remember to choose a destination that is convenient to all family members, especially if you have older kids, and choose the dates accordingly. You should time your dates because weather, prices, and crowds change with the seasons. Most families prefer summer vacations, making it a peak and expensive season. It is a great time to travel because of the favorable weather and closed schools. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t travel during Winter and other seasons.

2. Define Your Vacation Budget

You should also decide how much you can spend during the vacation. If you have been saving up for the trip, chances are you already have pre-defined targets and expenses. Nonetheless, the following costs should feature in your budget:

  • Transport costs – Apart from budgeting for transport expenses, whether you travel by airplane, train, or car, you should include the costs of moving around once you’ve arrived at your destination. Trips to the beach, museum, parks and other attractions can quickly add up.
  • Accommodation costs – Traveling with a family requires that you consider specific amenities. Whether you choose a hotel or resort, it should have family-friendly entertainment activities, such as waterparks and good food.

3. Don’t Over-plan

You can easily get carried away by the excitement of planning a family vacation. While you should maximize your trip, you shouldn’t clutter your itinerary. Instead, leave some plans to serendipity and be open to spontaneous plans. For instance, while you should stick to the itinerary, don’t limit your trips to the activities listed in the schedule. After a few day trips, you can wing the few remaining hours for other discoveries.


Vacationing with family is certainly fun, but it presents several challenges, especially for families with young children. Unlike adults, you should prepare your kids, prioritize health and safety, and pack early. However, you shouldn’t let these activities stop you from enjoying the vacation. Making early bookings and having a detailed plan can make your vacation trip seamless.