Elizabeth Baldridge

  • Completed Advanced & Technical Communication Certificate from Society for Technical Communication, USA.
  • Master’s in Master in Education Technologies and Instructional Design
Expertise: Education, Job, Learning, Email, Strengths:
  • Technology has impacted almost every aspect of life today, and education is no exception so, I have achieved advanced skills in curriculum, instruction, technology integration, and leadership in the educational environments.
  • I have the ability to incorporate the latest research in learning theory, educational technology, and instructional design principles by combining real-world applications and practical skills.
  • Above all, I can write technical based content in simple layman terms to make it easy for all our readers as not all can be tech-friendly.
Experience:  I have been working as a Technical Content Manager. In the span of 3+ years, I have regularly produced various content types, including email, social media posts, blogs & white papers. Not just that, I have moderated user-generated content like message Facebook pages/posts/twitter replies, etc. Words from Elizabeth Baldridge: I have an ability to articulate myself and my writing in the most clear-manner possible, well-reasoned emails, strategies and presentations to make a long-lasting impression and develop those who read my write-ups.
Elizabeth Baldridge's Post
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