You might know Miami as a giant party in South Florida. While it does provide the party, it’s so much more than South Beach and nightclubs. Miami is a cultural epicenter with great schools, a wide variety of recreational programs, and plenty of areas that are safer than the news would have you believe. Safebound Moving & Storage can help get you there.

Education in Miami

Although the public school system in Miami has a less-than-stellar reputation, that doesn’t mean all the schools are worthless. When it comes to public education, it’s all about which district you settle in. You have to do a bit of research. Of the public schools, the best you’ll find – which are exceptional by any standard – is Mast Academy, New World School of the Arts, George Washington Carver Middle, Ada Merritt, Mater Grove, Miami Arts Charter, and School for Advanced Studies.

If you can afford it, there are fantastic private schools everywhere. There are 185 private schools in Miami. And if the kids want to stay close to home when they graduate high school, the University of Miami, Florida International University, St. Thomas University, and several more are in your backyard, meaning you’ll pay local tuition costs and might not need movers to move the kids out the house!

Plenty of Activities

Your child will never be bored in Miami. There are tons of outdoor programs for kids of all ages. Miami’s parks and recreation department offers baseball and softball, soccer, swim teams, track and field, football, soccer, and many more.

There are also a bit more unconventional options to get the kids out of the house. There are archery ranges, paintball arenas, family-friendly shooting ranges, and kayaking on Key Biscayne. Miami offers a ton of outdoor space to explore. With over 250 parks and 140 playgrounds, there’s somewhere to run, play, and picnic in every neighborhood.

For kids of all ages, Zoo Miami opened in 1948 and has only grown in its nearly 70 years of operation. It has over 100 exhibits, about 3,000 animals of 500 species, and is the largest zoo in Florida – and there are lots of zoos in Florida! There’s also the Miami Seaquarium to check out.

And how could you forget about the beach? When you live where other people vacation, life is pretty sweet. Think of it like this: vacations are always within your budget! In Miami, there’s really no excuse to stay indoors.

Low-Crime Areas

It’s no secret that Miami doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to crime. Historically, it’s been a hub of organized crime. However, there are a few certain neighborhoods that are widely accepted as safe and good for families. They include Coral Gables, South Miami, Coconut Grove, and Pinecrest. Additionally, programs like Miami-Dade Parks and Citizens Crime Watch provide extra sets of eyes and ears to support local police forces.

Coral Gables

Many visitors go to Coral Gables, which is conveniently positioned near the heart of Miami. The world-famous Biltmore Hotel and Miracle Mile, a shopper’s paradise, are both within walking distance of your home in Coral Gables. The city has a thriving nightlife business, thanks to the presence of the University of Miami. Beaches with white sand are only a few minutes walk away, and the airport is just up the road, so you can always leave everything and go somewhere new! The perfect blend of Miami life and beach living can be found at Coral Gables.

South Miami

South Miami is a small community directly west of the University of Miami. It’s a melting pot of civilizations, which can be seen in the cuisine. There are French cafes, Cuban sandwich shops, Lebanese restaurants, and a variety of other restaurants. There are several food alternatives to choose from in this relatively small city. Dante Fascell Park, which has basketball, handball, and volleyball facilities, is one of the several parks in the area. Dadeland Mall, one of Miami’s most popular malls, is a great place to go shopping. When you move to South Miami, you’re moving to one of the area’s oldest and most lively cities.

Moving A Family Miami

Miami is one of those destination cities where a family can thrive. It’s a great city for young professionals to settle down and build a life. There are tons of opportunities for kids to get outside and stay outside. If you’re looking for a place to raise a family, don’t count Miami out.

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