What do problems with your boss, getting a loan to buy a car, and moving to a new apartment have in common? That’s right: stress! In situations that are described, its level is the same. If you still thought that moving to a new place is nonsense, then you are unfortunately mistaken. But your life will be easier if you address part of your moving to professionals. Check moving company reviews and ask for a Moving Quote. Expenses are always disappointing but using nowadays tools like approximate moving cost calculator or numerous apps will help you to plan and even save your money.

In the last century, psychologists came up with a test to measure the level of stress accumulated over a year (the Holmes & Rahe stress scale of life events). And they showed that a person can simply become physically ill, not having time to recover under the yoke of a large number of life circumstances.

Do not think that stress is caused only by some very sudden and serious events, such as an incurable disease in a loved one or a sudden dismissal from work. In normal life, there are quite a lot of (including harmless) reasons for it: stressful events include loan payments, graduation, and any changes in life habits — a change of residence, for example.

So do not “underestimate” such a seemingly prosaic event as moving from apartment to apartment. It is quite capable of destroying your relationship, your health, your success… Complete this list yourself. Anxiety, excitement, fear, anger, resentment, anxiety, guilt, shame, longing, sadness-this is an incomplete list of those negative emotions that can accompany the process. And there is no difference — you change apartments for rent in Reno or move to your own, long-awaited and freshly renovated.

1. Acknowledge the problem

As a practicing psychologist, I want to say only one thing: in addition to the banal work of collecting boxes and sorting furniture, when moving, your work on your emotions is no less important. The Internet is full of practically oriented tips like “make a to-do list”, “hire professionals if possible”, “sign all the boxes”, “encourage yourself with a gift”.

But who can tell you where the alarm will go when moving professionals break something valuable during the move or are simply late? How to deal with the sadness and memories if at the time of signing the boxes you came across your old photos, where you still loved each other?

2. Call a spade a spade and accept it

Consider moving as a transition from one state to another through the stage of uncertainty “nowhere”:

  • the packing and packing of the old life, in the process of which we are sure to throw something away;
  • intermediate state with space travel;
  • new life in new circumstances, new rules.

Loss of the familiar, lack of control and ground under your feet, a sense of insecurity — do not suppress these feelings, do not throw them away. On the contrary, call them by their proper names (you can say them out loud) and accept them. If you know about them in advance, you will not be taken by surprise.

3. Don’t try to do everything in time — slow down

From the entire list of negative emotions when moving, the greatest discomfort is likely to be a sense of uncertainty. It is created on the basis of an alarm. Anxiety, in turn, arises from a premonition of a threat, unfavorable forecasts, expectations of the worst, unpleasant images of a possible future.

As soon as you feel that you are beginning to be overcome by disturbing thoughts, try to consciously slow down your actions. Make an effort and sort of” slow down ” — both in your head and in your movements. Do everything slower, much slower than usual. This will allow you to get out of the state of the victim, who is rushing between the boxes in a hurry and panicking.

4. Think positively! All for the best in this best of worlds

Even if your move is a necessary measure that you would really like to avoid (for example, as a result of a divorce or financial troubles), there are still new horizons. It’s just that you may not see these good prospects yet. You will definitely open them — maybe a little later. For now, just try to look for the positive and don’t lock yourself in: Express your emotions. After all, it is absolutely not a shame to call friends and family, sincerely tell them how strange and uncomfortable you are in a new place. Everything will get better one day!

I’m sure you can share a huge number of practical life hacks for collecting things, but let’s talk about emotions! What feelings accompanied your move? Share in the comments section!