Fan of the 60s?

Because who isn’t!

If there is one thing that we will always welcome with open arms, it is a movie night with some of Hollywood’s classic legendary movies. However, that is not all; in this list, you will be getting the best of the horror genre.

There is better than curling up in your comfortable pajamas, getting some large cushions, a cozy comforter, a cup of hot chocolate, or a beverage of your choice, and enjoying some of the thrilling horror picks from the 1960s.

If you are someone who is already a fan of the retro, and the 60s are your genre for the weekend, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about some of the best horror movies from the 60s.

These have received many critical acclimations and accolades from critics then. Plus, they were able to scare the audience well!

Where To Watch Them!

Now, retro is a genre that you wouldn’t find much in all these OTT platforms. You can download and pay for their monthly subscription as much to your heart’s content. But, much to your disappointment, you might not find our list there.

But, do not worry; you don’t have to ditch your weekend plan without getting in the mood to watch some good old 60s Hollywood.

You can simply take our suggestions and download them all for free from The Pirate Bay. Yes, for free!

This is a decentralized domain where you can upload and download all kinds of content ever uploaded over the internet for free.

You will get all the movies in there!

So, get downloading today.

Horrors Of The 60s!

Here are the best Hollywood horrors of the 60s, thrilling characters, and storylines that will accompany your lazy weekends this week.

1. What Ever Happened To Baby Jane -1962

This Robert Aldirge-directed movie had the audience screaming and on the edge of its seat throughout. To the point that people had to be reminded that it was just a motion picture. That is how terrifying the plotline was unveiled.

This psychological thriller dealt with the mental disorder of a manic. The story revolves around two sisters who were famous child actors on their hay day. However, now one is crippled, and the other finds newfound and horrendous ways to torture the other.

Envy is a curse!

2. The Birds (1963)

We cannot have a horror movie playlist without Alfred Hitchcock. An absolute nightmare for people with ornithophobia because you might not want to leave your house after seeing the movie for quite some time.

The plot revolves around Melanie, who follows a lawyer called Mitch. This was all done in the spirit of a practical joke. Things take a terrifying turn when the birds around suddenly start to attack the people. 

3. Night Of The Living Dead (1968)

This is the cult classic that started it all. The first zombie accomplice to be ever witnessed on the big television screen. It is not some infection that is infecting the dead, but it is the death that is rising again with a much thirstier and gory need.

It all starts with a fallen satellite which leads to the deceased rise from their grove and seeking to fulfill their hunger with the living human flesh.

4. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Before we had Omen, we had Rosemary’s Baby. 

A mother always knows their child, right? 

The plot revolves around the young wife, Rosemary, who has a growing doubt that her newborn child is not the portrayal of an innocent baby. They move to a New York apartment, but from the beginning, it executes the wrong signals.

An odd apartment!

Sinister neighbors!&

A peculiar baby.

Now, you have to watch to know the rest.

5. Children Of The Damned (1964)

The cult fashion of horror flicks, where we should be scared of a group of children. Children of the dampened, although made in the 60s with no fancy CGI, this movie was able to give chills to many of its audience.

Scientists discovered six children who were born under mysterious circumstances, i.e., they were conceived without a father. 

The children now must be studied!

However, when they escape the embassy, the real horror begins.

Prepare For The Chills!

Are you ready for the chills!

These are some of the best movies which you can find when searching for horror movies from the 60s. So, what are you waiting for? Get downloading right now.

So that you can ornament your weekends with some 60s horror.

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