Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective keys to attaining success in this competitive digital marketing space. Red Search Sydney curates proper SEO techniques to help increase the reach of your business website, thereby increasing the number of potential customers. 

With the changes in search engine’s algorithms, the SEO techniques keep changing themselves, and they have a lot of related trends to rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERPs). 

What Are The Effective SEO Trends In 2021?

  • Google Core Web Vitals: Core Web Vitals consists of three parameters that help assess the user’s experience loading a web page. The three pillars of the Google page experience update are – performance, responsiveness, and visual stability. 

All three parameters are related to the website’s loading speed, how fast the page loads, how fast it is getting interactive, and how stable it is while loading. This has become an essential factor for ranking websites. So when two pages have similar content, one factor that decides the rank of the website is this. 

  • Effective keyword research: This has always been a determining factor of SERPs and a key SEO strategy. Nowadays, most searches end without even clicking. The extensive listings in the Google business show all the related contacts, addresses, and even the related question without them typing them out. 

So, to be on the top of the search results page, you must ensure that your content is filled with relevant and rich keywords that can drive traffic and sales for your business. To find effective keywords, you must understand the intent and then find long-targeted keywords that would fit well with your business. 

  • Google BERT algorithm: BERT, when expanded, stands for Bidirectional Encoders Representation from Transformers. BERT uses machine learning and natural language processing to help the computers understand the meaning of cryptic texts they cannot understand by using all the surrounding texts to establish context. 

Google can now understand all the texts entered in one go instead of understanding them word by word. So websites having content intent mismatches would be ignored by BERT if it does not satisfy the content of the given query. 

  • Artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence, like other industries, has also impacted all the marketing industries. This is because of the personalization which AI provides in all sectors. Analyzing changes in algorithms and then planning the strategies accordingly. 

So by utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it has become more efficient and powerful in decoding and analyzing the algorithms and strategizing plans accordingly. Red Search Sydney incorporates all the effective strategies in its SEO marketing plan to provide the best results to its clients. 

  • Video marketing: After Google, Youtube has become the most popular place to search for content. So if your SEO plan does not include video marketing, it’s time that you step into that. 

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The first step is to optimize the channel name and description. Keywords play an essential role even here, so you must pay attention to using relevant keywords so that your content reaches the target audience. 


These were some of the hot or most updated trends that would significantly impact your website’s ranking. Red Search Sydney has experience of 12+ years in developing digital marketing strategies and helping their brands grow. You must visit their website to know more about them and their services.