Ever wonder how people get that number of followers on their Instagram account? Or why do others have hundreds of likes and you don’t even have one for your last post? Well, I can tell you. It’s all about the number of hours they spend every day working on their social media accounts. 

The more time spent, the better number of followers and engagement! If you want to skyrocket your number of Instagram followers in a short period, these are some strategies to help you do it: 

Follow Other Accounts With Similar Interests as Yours 

If you have a community account, follow accounts that are similar to yours. This way, they’ll notice your number of Instagram followers and engagement rate is growing too! And hopefully, some will decide to follow back or engage with your posts.

Same interests connect people and that’s why following accounts with similar interests is a great strategy to get more Instagram followers. Start by following accounts that share similar content as yours and that have a number of Instagram followers ranging from 1000 to 100,000. Then observe how many they follow back or engage with each post you publish on your account.

If they don’t follow back in the first few days after following them; try increasing your number of likes per day for at least one week before unfollowing them again. If the increased number of likes doesn’t work either – proceed by un-following these people altogether so you won’t waste time engaging with their posts too when it’s clear this strategy isn’t working out any longer.

Tag Location Where the Photo Was Taken so People Know Where to Visit 

If you’re traveling and your number of Instagram followers is not increasing; it’s time to tag the location where each photo was taken. This way more people will be able to see your posts and if they like them too – some might even engage with them or follow back! People love traveling so don’t forget about this strategy when getting a new number of Instagram followers.

Take a couple of photos at the same place so you have enough for one post on your travel account. Then use the ‘Only my friends can see’ option for the first few hours before making it public again because otherwise, no one would notice that these are indeed different locations tagged in each photo! So take advantage of this short window to help users find out which location each picture was taken.

You can also use other strategies to get more Instagram followers when traveling such as geotagging the photo on your story so people are able to know where you are even if they don’t follow back yet for example! And be sure not to forget about putting relevant hashtags in each post too because this is another great strategy that helps increase the number of Instagram followers and engagement rate.

Post quality content regularly

By posting quality content, you’ll gain a number of Instagram followers related to the number of likes and comments your posts get. So try not to post low-quality pictures all the time because this won’t bring any engagement at all. 

Instead, take some time for research before selecting a nice photo that will inspire people or trigger them in some way so they can engage with each one of your new number of Instagram followers.

Post at the best time of day for engagement

There’s no sure-fire strategy to do this correctly because it all depends on your number of Instagram followers. For example, if you have 1000 number of Instagram followers and want to get more likes – try posting during the night when people are sleeping or at least very less likely to engage with posts compared to other times during the day. 

And for those who have 100000 number of Instagram followers; they should post between 12 pm and some time around dinner time so their number of weekly comments can be better optimized.

The best time is different for everyone so you have to figure out what works best for your number of Instagram followers. You must test your audience and number of Instagram followers before posting during certain times.

That’s it! Have fun following these steps and getting more followers. You’ll see a significant increase in no time. After all, having a number of Instagram followers is what everyone wants nowadays, right? And if you want even MORE number of likes on your account like celebrities to do; be sure to try out our organic growth service. It will get you the number one position in search results within days!