Digital marketing is the ever-changing prism through which modern digital businesses generate sales. As Forbes outlines; the impact of Google’s new SMITH rules will lead to the definition of what constitutes good quality digital marketing once again changing. A great way to stay ahead and ensure that your digital marketing is on-point is through a digital audit; an all-in-one review of your web content and metadata to ensure that it’s always hitting the right points; when it comes to reaching the top of the search rankings.

Basic indicators

The most important factor of all is on-page optimization. If your webpage runs slowly; you can expect a huge increase in bounce rate and a hit to your search ranking as a result. There’s a golden rule, according to ZDNet, that a web page should load in two seconds or less. Anything more is likely to turn off customers. A key pitfall to consider when measuring speed is cross-compatibility. Using a mobile site speed test to ensure your accessible content matches desktop versions will ensure that you meet Google’s cross-platform rules. If you are finding slow speeds, do a checkup of your webpage’s basic architecture and security protocols.

Security and markup

HTTPS is one of many key security protocols that has come into place; as Google outlines, it provides top-level encryption for day-to-day browsing. Not using HTTPS is a surefire way to create a red flag for your website in the marketing and SEO stakes. Ensure that your web pages are HTTPS compliant and use up-to-date markup to ensure they can meet these standards.


The next frontier in SEO is adaptive and accessible content. Google is focusing hard on ensuring that those living with disabilities can experience the internet to the fullest extent, and are giving priority to websites with proper accessibility features. W3 set out these principles, the WCAG, a long time ago; meeting them will help your digital content to meet these principles and ensure that you’re performing both a commercially important and morally important goal.

Running a tight ship will allow you to draw in the greatest number of new customers. Your digital content is the core of what your business does; it is out of respect for yourself, and your customers, that you might have a service that runs properly and gives a great on-page experience.