If you are in the market looking for an amplifier with a richer, warmer sound, the name Orange will stand out. It is considered one of the best amplifiers and the first choice of many professionals around the world.  

The Orange amplifiers provide exceptional sound quality and look good as well. So, you can maintain your aesthetics on the stage as well. 

The amps can produce high output sounds and have a wide range of frequencies. 

Since the brand has a plethora of amplifiers under its name, you might get confused while choosing the best one for your needs. 

Here are some best Orange amplifiers you must consider buying for yourself. 

  1. Orange Amps, One Electric Guitar Power

If you are looking for an amplifier producing up to 20 watts of output, this is a viable option. The amp comprises a single preamp tube, giving the guitar player control over the power. So, you can choose if you want deeper low tunes or high pitched tunes from the amplifier. 

This small amplifier has a ten-inch speaker along with an auxiliary output so you can plug in your headphone and jam without disturbing others. 

It provides a great sound output and extensive control over the output, making it a perfect choice for practice jam sessions or small stage performances. 

  1. DA15H Dark Terror 15 Watts

This is a viable option if you want to take your amplifier along with you wherever you go. The amplifier has a band at the top and is small in size, making it portable. 

Despite being portable, the amplifier produces great sound and offers easy controls. 

The amplifier houses a distortion pedal and an FX loop giving the player control over their tunes. 

The excellent thing about Orange amplifiers is that most of them come equipped with an auxiliary port so you can plug in your headphones and enjoy the session by yourself. 

  1. Orange Amplifier Part Crush 35RT

It is a versatile amplifier that offers a range of distortion suitable for any type of music. It comprises a ten-inch speaker with a sound output of 35 watts. The best part about the amplifier is not its striking visual appeal but that it gives the guitar player control of the volume, treble, bass, and reverb. 

This highly powered amplifier can surely fill a room with its sound and is even suitable for small stage performances. 

Things to Consider Before Buying an Amplifier 

If you have decided to buy an amplifier, there are various factors that you need to consider to make a valuable purchase. 

Since amplifiers from Orange come in various specifications, you must first realize what specification you need to be able to scour through the various options. 

Some essential factors you must consider are:

  1. Portability: Determine whether you will be traveling with the amplifier or keeping it in one place. The portability of the amplifier affects the other specification as well. 
  1. Wattage: It is an essential factor that you must consider as it affects the overall output and volume you will get from the amplifier.  
  1. Headphone Jack: A headphone jack can be a boon if you want to indulge in jam sessions late at night.  
  1. Tone: This refers to an amplifier’s distortion, sound output, and dynamic headroom. 

So, these are a few things that you must think about before buying the best Orange amplifiers. Also, you must assess your needs and consider the specifications to make the best decision.