Launching an online business or brand is common practice these days because of low upfront costs compared to the traditional, brick and mortar model. However, the low barriers are offset by the need to create a robust digital marketing plan. It includes designing a simple, eye-catching, and user-friendly website, best SEO practices, and, most importantly, producing unique content. While good SEO is a no-brainer, it’s often creating good content that becomes a problem for marketers. In such a scenario, brands must dive into various content forms to keep their content more engaging and informative. One such content variant that holds tremendous potential for brands is podcasts.

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A podcast usually contains a series of small digital audio files you can download on your tablet, computer, or phone. You can host a podcast through various online podcast hosting channels. Anybody can record a podcast and publish it online. Listeners can perform an online search for the topic they want to listen to, download podcasts related to the subject, and listen to them whenever and wherever they want. Current studies show that podcast listeners are affluent, young, and keen on learning new things. That said, here are a few reasons why you should use podcasts for marketing your brand.

Podcasts Are Easy to Create

Creating a podcast is relatively easy compared to other marketing media such as HD videos and commercials. The equipment required to do so is also reasonably priced and won’t eat into your marketing budget. You will need a pair of headphones, a good quality rode microphoneLED ring light, and a soundproof room to create a podcast. And a good quality camera in case you want to create video podcasts. Next comes editing, for which there are tons of free editing software and tutorials on the internet.

Finding the best podcast hosting platform is also a crucial factor you must consider. Once you do, it is as simple as uploading audio files on the desired hosting platform. You can also send your podcast’s links to your customers via email. However, consider sharing it through various distribution channels, including social media and paid advertising, to increase your podcast’s reach.

Podcasts Have High Engagement

Information overload is one of the most significant problems of the digital era. There’s too much content out there for people to consume. Since a sizeable chunk of this is different types of written content, audio intended to engage customers will be a welcome break for listeners from their monotonous content consumption habits. Plus, it also lets the podcast speaker have enough wiggle room to convey her or his message in more interactive and engaging ways than traditional written content. Besides, video podcasts have even higher engagement rates, as are the preferred choice of content consumption these days.

According to a study conducted on numerous podcast listeners, around 63 percent of these podcast listeners purchased what the hosts promoted on their podcast. That shows that a podcast can positively influence a customer’s buying decision.

Podcasts Help Build Better Relationships With Your Audience

Even though a podcast is not always a two-way communication medium, it will allow your brand to build a better relationship with your target listeners. It provides them with the feeling that they know the podcast speaker on a more personal level. They listen to podcasts because they have something in common with the podcast speakers and the brand they represent.

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Furthermore, you can invite guests and other podcasters from your niche. It will help build trust and authority, leading to a better flow of authentic information and higher conversion rates. Unlike walls of text in blogs, podcasts help give your brand a face and a voice that customers can relate to. Consider this- would you instead buy a product or service from a friendly face, someone you know, or a stranger? Everybody will gravitate towards the familiar face as they can trust them. 

You can Repurpose old Content Using Podcasts

If your brand is not new to content marketing, then creating a podcast will be a natural and easy shift for you. Suppose you are already running a blog with written content or videos that provide viewers with helpful information about your services or products. In that case, you will not have any difficulty brainstorming fresh ideas for your podcasts.

High-quality, informative content, regardless of its age, is timeless. Its relevance transcends trends or the test of time. It becomes even better if you revisit it now and then with updated information. Repurposing old content for your podcasts (and vice versa) will help you avoid spending additional resources in content creation for new platforms and target audiences. If you have the expertise and knowledge on a particular topic and give it the oomph it requires for a podcast, expect more listeners to engage with your content.

Podcasts Raise Brand Awareness and Recognition

Getting to know about your target audience is a vital step to a successful marketing strategy. So, for example, if your target listeners are the working population, your brand can benefit exceptionally well from a podcast. Listening to a podcast usually doesn’t require a person’s undivided attention, unlike reading an article or watching a video. Many people listen to podcasts while driving, exercising, doing chores. Heck, they may even listen to them while showering too. In similar words, podcasts will help you penetrate a broad and diverse audience who can tune into your podcasts passively as they go about their daily routines.

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In contrast, such a thing might mean that some of your podcast listeners will remain highly distracted. However, it won’t be a colossal loss as your podcasts will be running in the background, and a subconscious impression will exist. In the long run, this will increase your brand awareness and recognition without having to invest substantially in more resources.

Podcasts Help With Your SEO Efforts

Every SEO expert knows the importance of creating content with the right keywords. In addition to placing keywords on your website, blogs, or articles, you can also optimize your podcasts with the right ones via show notes, titles, and transcriptions. These will help you with your brand’s rankings on SERPs, especially Google.

As you create your podcasts, you can also advertise them through PPC campaigns and social media to increase your listener base. Doing so will allow you to reach and attract new listeners for better lead generation and conversions. Since podcasts are considered a form of authoritative content, your web pages’ rankings will begin to rise.


Being open-minded and employing various types of content is an excellent way to make your business more successful. Likewise, taking a creative approach will increase your chance of being remembered by people long after buying something from you- The more unique your content, the better the opportunity.

Podcasting is rapidly making its way into the digital marketing realm. If you know how to utilize them properly, there is no doubt your brand will succeed. Nonetheless, podcasting will help you grow your business and allow you to build a rapport with your audience. This is vital for your brand’s long-term success.

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