Bicycles are healthier alternatives for people who get cautious about their health. But not for anyone who is always on the go and has to keep with the everyday hustle and bustle. Nowadays, bicycles are for recreational activities in your free time. A little bit of exercise while being outside and feeling the fresh breeze of pine trees. I’d like to think that bicycles are one of the most eco-friendly vehicles. They are convenient because they are easier to navigate through traffic and small streets.

Bikes are good for the outdoors but just like any other mobile transportation, it has to be stored and taken care of if we expect to use it for more than 5 years. Outdoor bike storage ideas are all over the internet, you can claim gold when you find the perfect storage for you. These storages are not only durable and waterproof but also space-saving.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Storage Shed

Invest in products made with the best materials. This heavy-duty outdoor storage shed is UV-protected material and tear-proof. The shed also stores your helmet and other tools inside with your bike.

Foldable Bike Cover Storage

When you travel a lot with your bike and you plan to camp out or to stay overnight at a friend’s place, this product will suit you. Just like camping tents for people to sleep in, thus tent is foldable and portable. Easy to carry around and very convenient when on a hike in the wilderness too. It protects your bike from critters, rain, and debris.

Bike Wall Storage Rack

Being a biker, one should know that there is more than one kind of bike depending on the terrain. If you are an absolute enthusiast of bike or even if you just enjoy collecting bikes but don’t know where to keep them all. Try the bike wall storage rack. This rack will carry four bikes all at once. You can position your bikes vertically keeping them safe without being scratched or dented.

Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage

Made of ripstop, industrial-grade vinyl, and weatherproof, these are some specifications offered by space-saving outdoor bike storages. A spacious shelter for your bike and is easy to install on the spot. An instant parking space for your bicycle. You won’t have to worry about your apartment not being big enough to keep your bicycle indoors.

Bike Cover Outdoor Waterproof Bicycle Covers

When looking for a covering for your bike, the superior material cloth is perfect as a coat for your ride. The cover keeps your bike dust-free and protected from direct sun exposure. With the velcro and adjustable bottom-stitched elastic hem, the product is easier to use and wear on the bike.

Covers for 2 to 3 Bikes

Covers will shield your bike from scratches, dent, dust, dirt, and corrosion with the waterproof feature. Having 2 or more bikes doesn’t mean you have to buy two of those covers. The market sells covers that can accommodate two or more bikes at a time. Saving you money and space when storing.

The Stow-Away Horizontal Shed

Thinking of storage for your bikes, you also ought to consider the tools and equipment you use to repair your bikes. The accessories and other miscellaneous items should be well store with the bike if not separately in the garage or basement. The stowaway horizontal shed consists of string panels which make the shep durable and reliable. The floor of this Shed is designed to be shock-proof to be able to take in the impact given to it. Both sides are accessible for easier reach on tools without having to remove the bike first. Plus points for security since it has a lock mechanism to prevent break-ins and theft.

Adjustable Bicycle Floor Parking Rack

Hosting five bikes at a time, this rack can be stored inside the garage or outside on your porch without any worries of it tripping down into a bike domino. This rack stores your bikes in place and so that also withstand weather conditions. The rack is also perfect for your business when you plan for your guests to park their bikes safely.

One Thought For The Road

It is not a waste to think and spend on your bicycle’s maintenance. Sometimes to keep things longer is to invest in the products for your items. Choose the right outdoor bike storage ideas to help you when your bikes have to be on standby mode all week. And with the right storage, you can rest assured of your bike’s security and for it to be dirt and dust-free. This makes it hassle-free to grab when the weekend arrives and you