Paramount Plus is a well-known OTT now. So how to download Paramount Plus shows is the most popular topic for Paramount Plus show lovers. Begin reading, and you will get the answer.

The Paramount Plus launched on March 4, 2021, in the US, Canada, and Latin America. It is a ViacomCBS-owned platform, and for that reason, this just-launched platform has a huge number of old favorites from day one itself. The CBS All Access originals are now streaming on their new OTT, Paramount Plus. The whole Star Trek series is now showing on this platform in addition to a few old ViacomCBS brands like Nickelodeon, MTV, CBS, and others.

Paramount Plus is the latest streaming service to give a good competition to Netflix, Disney Plus, and Prime Video.

Not only famous old shows or critically acclaimed old shows, but it will also concentrate on movies in the future and has a plan to produce movies exclusively for streaming online.

We will discuss here how to download Paramount Plus shows with the Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader and use them for offline watch. We will also review a recently launched documentary show, “From Cradle to Stage”, the journey of the rock stars’ mothers.

From Cradle to Stage 


Virginia Hanlon Grohl


Dave Grohl


Dave Grohl

Brandi Carlile

Miranda Lambert


“From Cradle to Stage”, a critically acclaimed book by Virginia Hanlon Grohl. She is well-known as the mother of the celebrity rock star Dave Grohl.

The author conveys the stories of different mothers whose sons or daughters are enjoying their stardom. This idea came to her mind when she saw her son on the stage, and thousands of his fans were applauding in front of him. Her feelings at that time were not only pride or love for her son but something different that she could not explain. She wanted to know how the moms of other celebrities feel. How did they groom their child? How do they manage to balance their emotional needs?

Virginia got the full support of Dave and her daughter Lisa to give birth to “From Cradle to Stage”. She needed to travel a lot to meet the mothers of the celebrity musicians she chose to meet. They shared their journey to stardom, the ups and downs of their lives, the danger of a star’s life, and so on. There is an undercurrent of love and pride that these mothers have for their kids’ achievements in every story.

All the stories do not have happy endings. There are failures, there are addictions of different types, and different challenges in everyone’s life. However, the feelings of all these mothers are almost the same.

The author reached to the mothers of Adam Levine, Michael Stipe, Amy Winehouse, Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Dr. Dre, and a few other famous music personalities for the interviews. Virginia asked some questions that only a mother could answer. She wanted to know what made them feel that their children were different from others. How did they realize that music was the future? Did they encourage their children’s passions? Are they worried about the unpredictable and unknown path to success? And the most loving one is that if they still ask them to pack a warm coat when leaving for a tour.

We are getting a real behind the scene feeling, the actual feeling of making a rock star from this series. A heart-melting introduction from Dave Grohl and some unseen family photographs made this series very emotional.

Our Verdict

This show is a documentary series. Stories of relationships between mothers and their rock star sons or daughters. Real stories always have a different space in our lives. We love to know about the life of a celebrity. The series is one of the must-watch because it presents the root cause of making a rock star.

Can We Download Paramount Plus Shows and Watch Offline?

Yes, definitely, we can download and use it for offline viewing. Paramount Plus allows us to download videos for offline viewing like many other online streaming platforms.

Simple Steps to Download from Paramount Plus:

  1. Get the Paramount Plus app installed on your device.
  1. Search with keywords for the shows or movies you want to download.
  1. A down arrow beside the video will be there if it is available for download.
  1. A message will come to you whether you want to get the notification after completing the download. As the download completes, there will be a checkmark at the place of the down arrow.
  1. You can go to the “Downloads” section from the main menu to watch the downloaded videos offline.

Some Issues While Downloading from Paramount Plus

  1. The downloading feature of Paramount Plus is available through the app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad devices.
  1. You can watch the downloads only on the device you used for downloading.
  1. The downloaded videos cannot be shared with other devices or users.
  1. Maximum 25 contents can be downloaded from Paramount Plus on your device.
  1. All the videos have an expiry date, after which they get deleted automatically.
  1. The buffering time for downloading will be lengthy enough.
  1. You may face slow download speed for high-quality download. The standard quality download is faster, but the picture and sound quality will not always come with an excellent shape.
  1. You can download some selective videos from Paramount Plus; all videos are not available to download.

The Y2Mate online and desktop video downloader came to us with the solutions to the above-listed issues. Let us discuss the features and use of this software.

Y2Mate Video Downloader, Available for Both Online and Desktop

The Y2Mate video downloader can download videos from all trending online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, Paramount Plus, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more than 1000 other websites. There are no limitations to downloading videos using this software. Additionally, it gives us superb picture quality, high-speed download, language customization, and many other excellent features at a pocket-friendly price. You can use this software for both online and desktop downloading. To download Paramount Plus shows, you can use the Y2Mate Paramount Plus downloader. Let us give you a brief note on the Y2Mate Paramount Plus downloader.

Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader, Download Paramount Plus Shows

You can download any videos from Paramount Plus using the Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader. You will get unlimited and unrestricted high-speed downloading options with this software. Here are some excellent features of the Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader.

  1. Superb Audio and Clear Picture:

Crystal clear sound with MP4 audio and 5.1 AAC quality stereo soundtrack, you will get a theatre-like feeling at home.

You will get HD and UHD resolutions downloads from Paramount Plus using the Y2Mate downloader. Picture quality categories will be like 720p, 1080p, 4k, and even 8k. You can enjoy online streaming picture quality while watching offline.

  1. Customize Your Subtitle Settings and Save Metadata:

Using the Y2Mate Paramount Plus downloader, you can customize the language settings of the subtitles directly into the video or save them as .srt files.

Metadata like title, story, cast, etc. downloading facility is also available in this software.

  1. High-speed Batch mode download:

The Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader lets you download all episodes of any TV shows or web series at once with the fastest download speed. If you start watching any particular episode of a series, the Y2Mate downloader can sense the rest of the episodes and download them automatically. For this feature, you can download newly aired episodes also.

  1. Unrestricted and Unlimited Sharing Facility with No Expiry Date:

Unrestricted and unlimited access to videos is another lovely feature that this software has. No restrictions are there to transfer or share the downloaded videos. The expiry date will not anymore be a problem if you download using this software.

  1. Watch Movies Offline Without Any Commercial Breaks:

Costly ad-free subscription plans are no longer required from your favorite online streaming platforms. The Y2Mate downloader software automatically wipes out ads while downloading, and you can enjoy ad-free videos.

  1. Sharing or Transferring facility:

You can share or transfer the downloaded videos with other users or devices.

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Installation Procedure of the Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader

Installing the Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader is very simple. After installing, you can download movies, shows, or other videos from Paramount Plus using the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1 – Installation of Y2Mate Software: Download the Y2Mate downloader software from the official website and install that on your device. After opening the Y2Mate downloader, you will find the Paramount Plus icon on the home screen. Select and open it.

Step 2 – Access Your Paramount Plus Account: After entering into the Y2Mate Paramount Plus downloader, log in to your Paramount Plus account to get access to the contents available on that platform. Next, browse for the video you want to download from Paramount Plus.

Step 3 – Start Downloading the Video: Tap on the ‘Ready to Download’ icon, and customize subtitles and audio settings. After configuration is done, tap on the ‘Download Now’ button to start downloading. You can continue to browse or watch videos while the download continues in the background.

After completing the downloading, your video is ready to watch at any time and any place without an internet connection. You can share that video with others also.

There is a video guide available for the installation of this software. Please check for the video guidance.

Subscription of Y2Mate Downloader

No charge is there for audio conversion. Please follow the instructions of the software for audio conversion.

You need to pay $19.9 for the monthly plan and $59.9 for the yearly plan.

A trial version is also available with limited features.

Please visit for more details.

Some Famous Online Streaming Platforms Supported by the Y2Mate Downloader Software

Some famous names like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, ESPN, etc., are supported by the Y2Mate downloader. You can download unlimited videos and share them with your near and dear ones using this software. You can also download videos from 1000+ other websites. You will get all the above-listed features of the Y2Mate software for every OTT downloader.  Please visit the official website of the Y2Mate downloader for more details.


Hope you enjoyed the article and got full information about downloading videos from Paramount Plus and how you can download using the Y2Mate video downloader. Now you can download Paramount Plus shows using this software and enjoy the hassle-free downloading experience.