Los Angeles, the city of stars, is full of glamour, luxury, and over-the-top entertainment. If you know anything about LA, you probably also know the famous spots like the Walk of Fame or the Griffith Observatory. 

While these are highly popular tourist destinations, some visitors are more enthusiastic about experiencing old-school Hollywood, full of glam and history. You’d be surprised to know that the city has various spots rich in history and offers an experience that takes you back to the good old times beyond all that sparkle and allure. So, are you ready to experience Los Angeles culture? Let’s dive into some amazing spots that will let you step back in time. 

1. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel: 

Pop into the site of the first Academy Awards and take in the glamour of one of the oldest operating hotels in Los Angeles. Located in the heart of LA—yes, we are talking about the Hollywood Walk of Fame—the Roosevelt hotel is the perfect place to experience the Hollywood golden era. Wouldn’t you just want to escape the digital landscape and unwind somewhere vintage and lavish? 

Capture Marilyn Monroe’s spirit beside the poolside cabana and enjoy the 60s-inspired Tropicana Pool Café with a fantastic view of the city. The Spanish-inspired interior, the remnants of cinema’s titans, and the palm trees are all you need to experience the glam. 

2. Hollywood Wax Museum:

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to take pictures with your favorite celebrity without worrying about security and a huge crowd around them? Well, you can simply head down to the Hollywood wax museum and pose as many times you want with all your favorite stars’ wax figures. 

The expertly crafted wax figures are life-sized and will fool anyone on your Instagram when you share the pictures. The Hollywood wax museum has been a staple attraction for decades. It is also the most visited attraction on Hollywood Boulevard since its inception. It is a great way to take a trip down memory lane and recreate a special moment with your favorite movie legends. Moreover, horror fans can get serious chills in the Chamber of Horrors among the museum’s many exhibitions, which feature classic movie monsters. 

3. The Chateau Marmont: 

Initially built in 1929, the Chateau defines the Old Hollywood glam like nothing else. The gothic landmark in Sunset Boulevard has a glamorous with an equally scandalous history with celebrities residing in its posh interior for both mischief and respite. 

Guests like Roman Polanski and John Bonham have walked the hallways and the walls still tell the stories of drug-fueled orgies. This is the same place where Rebel Without a Cause star Natalie Wood jumped through a window to impress the director, and Dennis Hopper hosted one of the wildest parties ever. While strolling through this magnificent building, you’ll find that it’s filled with antiques, luxurious lobby bars, a breathtaking view, and more. 

4. The Old Hollywood Pacific Theater: 

The biggest theatre back in the day in Hollywood, the Old Hollywood Pacific Theater, opened in 1928 as the Warner Bros Hollywood Theater. The building is relatively recognizable and instantly reminds you of Old Hollywood with its old radio transmitters sitting at the top on the outside and the sky-like expansive ceiling on the inside. 

It is a classic atmospheric theater with a mix of Rococo, Moorish, and Renaissance Revival styles, multi-colored cove lights, exotic painted landscapes, and a grand double-height lobby. It is a spacious auditorium that’s filled with the themes of the past and colors so vibrant with walls decorated with Moorish light fixtures and Spanish heraldic designs. 

5. Whisky a Go Go: 

The legendary nightclub in West Hollywood was the most iconic club on the Strip. It has a commendable history of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the first-ever live music venue. The club became a hotspot for launching some of the most iconic artists of the 70s, while today, it represents countless eras and times. 

Since its inception on the Sunset Strip in 1964, the club has hosted some of the most prominent names in rock music—from Led Zeppelin to the Doors. You can still hear stories about the go-go-dance craze and daily wild parties when you take a trip down this timeless club. 

6. Grauman’s Egyptian Theater: 

Craving for a classic black-and-white movie? Then head down to Hollywood Boulevard and catch one of the famous Egyptian theatres. 

One of Hollywood’s best opulent cinema venues, the Egyptian theater is a massive auditorium that showcased Egyptian revival columns, ornately designed gold leaf ceiling, and now some of the most iconic films of the old. It is indeed one of the best places to have an immersive experience going back in time, enjoying the cinema seats, and watching the golden days of Hollywood. However, if you are not hopping in to watch a screening, you can always chill out in the hieroglyph-inspired courtyard. 

7. Frolic Room: 

Located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Frolic Room tells tales of stars, tragedies, murder mysteries, and at least one real-life murder. The Frolic Room has been one of the favorite drinking places for many celebrities, writers, and even poets. You can still enjoy the old retro vibe with its old-school Dun-Hot and a neon vending machine. The bar easily lets you picture how a typical award night would have been back in the good old days where celebrities enjoyed spills of the after-parties after attending award nights in the neighboring Pantages Theater. 

Though one of the oldest bars in Hollywood turned out to be the scene of actual “noir” back in the days, it is still a celebrity hotspot. You can always head down to this iconic spot to relive authentic Old Hollywood with its takes of glamour and terror. 


Who doesn’t know the star-studded city of LA and the famous Hollywood spots? However, not everyone knows about the rich history of this city with its numerous iconic Old Hollywood spots, which still showcase the glam of previous decades. 

Take a break from the same old Hollywood Walk of Fame and look around to find the colors of the past which gave birth to history’s most prominent artists. Enjoy black-and-white movies, old venues of Academy Awards, legendary bars, and some of the oldest hotels of Old Hollywood, which are draped with the scenes of the glamour of the golden days.