We know some of you might get tired of the cliché lines and tunes that are associated with this festival and often come out every year. When we say the top Christmas songs of all time, we don’t want to repeat those for you.

This is because over years the pop music industry has produced tracks that can leave a long-lasting taste even past Christmas. In order to find those, you will have to ignore the present-day signers and look for some old gold.

These songs are catchy enough to give you entertainment even before and after the festival. Delivering all kinds of feelings and emotions in the tunes and words, they have passed the test of time.

With that being said, let’s not further delay the quest and explore some precious tracks across genres that have proved their mettle across the river of time until today.

Last Christmas –Wham

In 1984, this awesome song captured the number two spot in the Xmas numbers. Since then, it is one of the most popular on the list. It took its position back in 2017 again when the fans tried to give it’s ranking a boost, in order to give tribute to George who died on the Xmas day of 2016.

This title is a ballad of lost romance with sleigh bells, the iconic knitwear, and synths in its featured video. But the unique expressions from George Michael make it something special for the occasion.

All I Want for Christmas Is You –Mariah Carey

Released back in 1994, after a gap of twenty-six years, this Xmas classic by Mariah Carey, at last, made it to the first spot on UK charts. Remaining a global hit since the release date, it has so far made sales of over 16 million copies.

For Mariah, this track remains the greatest international hit and 11th best-selling of all time in the singles category. ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’, has maintained its position in the top 40 each year after its reentry since 2007.

For this reason, she became the ‘Queen of Xmas’ which has become a conspicuous aspect of her career.

Fairytale of New York –The Pogues & Christy MacColl

This is the best the Pogues and Christy MacColl produced for Xmas. A folk ballad, it is part of every collection for the festival that cannot be skipped.

The song is a narration of despair and heartbreak wrapped in hope. Despite all the gloom it ends with a positive thought and feelings of love. So stick through and let it fill you with hope at the end no matter sad it makes you in the beginning.

I Believe in Father Christmas – Greg Lake

If you believe the festive season of the last week of December is filled with consumerism and commercial greed, Greg Lake felt the same and wrote this song as an anthem against this widespread perspective. 

As some may say if you add cynicism to the idea, the music of it feels like ‘I believe in Father Christmas’ which became a classic with the passage of time.

With time it has become a victim of its birth nemesis yet the idea behind was the drastic change in the views of the people towards the traditional way of celebration and their divergence from it.

top Christmas songs

The Christmas Song –Nat King Cole

A song written in 1945 by Bob Wells and Mel Torme and sung by the trio Nat King Cole in 1946 for the first time. This was the birth of the most performed Xmas song.

Cole re-recorded a new version in 1953 with a full orchestra where Nelson Riddle was conducting. Nonetheless, the version with Ralph Carmichael is the most considered and admired one.

After that this song has seen many changing voices from the names like Frank Sinatra, Bing Corby, Andy Williams, Glen Campbell, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, and Paul McCartney to name a few notables.

The charm of the song continues till today and no top Christmas songs of all time list can be complete without mentioning it.

White Christmas –Bing Crosby

This track is written by Irving Berlin in 1940 and many versions of it came out over time. The one that made it set in stone in the list of fame was the voice of Bing Crosby and it became the best-selling single of all time.

He recorded it for Holiday Inn, a movie from the year 1942. Its sense of yearning for home accompanied by such images made it extremely popular during World War II. The soldiers in the faraway lands, living in uncertain times, missing families and homes felt it in each word.


This is the list of top Christmas songs of all time. Have you heard and watched all of them? Is your favorite one listed here? If not, we would like to know what track you recommend, to place on this list. Let us know in the comments.