Watching movies and other shows that you like using a Roku player is convenient and easy. But eventually, you will encounter problems with your Roku remote. For example, it could stop working while you are in the middle of your favorite show. There are a lot of reasons why it happens.

Reading this will inform you on how to identify the problems; this will also guide you in troubleshooting these issues. Before you consult a technical, troubleshoot first using these tips and tricks. 

Checking the IR Signal

Remotes that are getting signals through infrared should be pointed straight to their receiver. That is the first thing to do when the Roku remote not working. Roku remotes work the same as the other devices with a secret like a projector, TV, and more. The machines are being remotely commanded since they have a receiver and signal transmitter that is built-in.

It should be the signal that you check first if a Roku remote is not working. That is the most straightforward reason why the secret is not working. One of the reasons why there is no signal is the signal is being blocked, which makes the player stop communicating to the remote. Therefore, you should move around and make sure nothing is blocking the path that makes the signal go.

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Check the Batteries

The most common problem why Roku remotes do not work is their batteries. It’s effortless to hear, but you should not ignore this since it’s just simple, and you don’t need to go deep if you have fixed it with this problem. When the battery power lowers, the performance of the remote will be affected.

When you notice that the remote’s response is getting poorer or it stops working, you should consider one of the easiest ways to know the reason is the battery itself. There are different types of Roku remote, and the batteries that they require might be different. So before you buy a new one, make sure to check if it’s an AAA or AA battery.

Importance of Pairing the Remote

Try to pair the Roku remote to the box. When you notice the connection is not stable, or it did not connect, this could be the problem. Some of the reasons this occurs are the battery is low and needs a replacement, the system has been updated, WiFi Networks have been changed, technical difficulty, or more. There are two ways how to pair the Roku Remote, which is the following:

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How to Pair an IR Remote

Check if your TV and Roku Box have a power supply, and both of them are connected. You should also double-check the batteries, as mentioned above. You should know what type of battery your remote uses. After doing everything mentioned, try to press any button, and it will instantly pair. Just make sure there are no interruptions on the signal.

How to Pair an Enhanced Remote

Put the batteries in the Roku remote. The Roku player should be disconnected from its power source. Next is to wait for at least ten seconds. Put back the power source of the Roku player and wait till it goes to its Home page. Your remote and Roku Box will automatically be paired. You have to place your remote near the device whenever you use it. 

Reset Your Roku Remote

You can do this if the previous steps did not work on your Roku remote. This problem takes place on the non-infrared remote only. To know how to reset your Roku remote, these are the easy steps.

  • The power supply must be unplugged first.
  • At the back of the remote, remove the batteries.
  • You will have to wait for a few seconds before connecting.
  • Connect again to the power supply of the Roku player.
  • Locate the pairing screen of the remote when it’s turned on also. The remote has a pairing button. You have to press it if you cannot find the pairing screen.
  • The pairing button should be pressed when it’s turned on. You can find the button in the battery compartment at the back inside. The remote will start to flash if you press it for three seconds. Look at the pairing light of the remote that might be located in the front or beside the pairing button.
  • The pairing will be successful when the Roku box pairing process is finished.

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In A Nutshell 

If all of this doesn’t work, there are other ways to check why the Roku remote is not working. You should check if the connection of HDMI works. The WiFi connection should also be a factor if the remote is still not working. because The local network is needed to function to make the Roku remote usable. 

Whatever the reason may be, there is a solution to fix your Roku remote. We recommend that you try out the tips mentioned in this article before you consult a technician or buy a new one. 

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