Watching movies at the cinema is a pleasant experience for many people. However, the current covid-19 outbreak has encouraged people to watch movies online from the comfort of their own homes.

As per the latest entertainment news, various online streaming and torrent websites show that people now prefer to watch movies online rather than cinema. 

Following are some of the reasons why it is better to watch movies online than visit a movie theatre:

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You have complete control

There is no pausing when you are watching a movie in a theatre. At the intermission time of your movie, everyone rushes to get snacks, and it takes a long time for the whole crowd to get back to their seats. Because of this, they often have to face the disappointment of missing some scenes of your movie. Whereas when you are online streaming a movie, you can pause, play, rewind, and skip whenever you like. You are the person who has total control over your movie, which makes it more fun to watch.

Make a Home Theatre

Many people argue that cinemas are best for watching your favorite movies. They provide great ambiance, a loud sound system, and a mega screen. This is true as all of these factors enhance the movie-watching experience for all viewers. The action, the movements, and the dialogues seem much more dramatic in a movie theatre.

However, if you have a home theatre at home, then you can also somewhat enjoy this experience. You can install a gigantic screen perfect for your room, comfortable recliners or couches, and an amazing sound system, which would make you feel like you are in a cinema. Also, all the cash that you save from going to cinemas and buying expensive tickets will come in handy for creating a home theatre space at your home.

You can Concentrate at Home

Some movies are not very easy to understand and require additional concentration. Such profound movies not be watched through every scene, as even missing one little scene might get you out of the loop. In cinema, you are more prone to distraction, making you miss some important scenes that might play an important part in the movie ahead. 

In the latest entertainment news, many movie analysts say that you can concentrate more on the complex movie plots when you view them from your home sweet homes. 

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Better Snacks at Home

This point proves to be a big deal for the foodies who also happen to be movie enthusiasts. According to such people, a captivating movie and a yummy snack go hand in hand. It is very annoying when one cannot bring any food from outside with them in a theatre. That also leaves them with limited options like candy, nachos, and popcorns. 

While watching a movie from home, you can order whatever you want from whatever restaurant you like. It is also possible that you cook something delicious beforehand to eat while you also enjoy your movie at the same time. This option will also be very easy on the pocket. 

Everyone Loves Saving Money

As big as the theatre, as expensive would be the ticket price. However, the best online streaming services do not cost a lot and would go on for a long time rather than just a single experience. Instead of going to a cinema, you should subscribe to any online streaming site, which would consist of thousands of movies. 

It is worst if someone ruins your Movie

Two types of individuals visit movie theatres; the first kind is the first-time movie viewers eager to watch a movie’s best scenes. The second type of cinema-goers is the ones who love to give people spoilers and ruin the whole experience for everyone. There is not much that you can do about this nasty audience. 

It is best to watch movies online from your homes where no one can ruin them for you to stay away from such a disclaimer.

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There are no rules at your Home

You may think that you can enjoy a movie at the theatre to its fullest, but it is not true. There are many reasons which can spoil your movie viewing experience in a movie theatre. For instance, some unavoidable situations might delay you on the road, and you arrive late for the movie; in that case, you would miss a good part of it.

At home, you do not have to worry about such unprecedented circumstances. You do not have to plan ahead of time neither you have to get ready for watching it. You can be in your PJs and resting on your comfortable couch while watching your favorite movie. 

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