Verizon is a popular email service that is managed by Verizon Communications.  It has all the features that folks usually have with any email service. The email service is easily accessible using the webmail platform and also client-based email software.

For Verizon, everything went well, until 2017 when the company announced its closure. The company took down its email services to concentrate more on other services. Verizon today provided services in television, internet, and IPTV. 

Sign up for Verizon Account

Verizon abolished its services in 2017, however, it gave time to existing users to shift to email address to AOL or Yahoo. Verizon took down its email service, hence new users will now have to sign up into or 

How To Login Into Your Verizon Account Correctly?

It is not possible to create a completely new Verizon email account. If you have migrated your existing Verizon mail account to AOL mail or Yahoo then old mails can still be accessed. 

  1. Enter correct Verizon credentials

It is necessary to enter the correct Verizon credentials in the ID section text boxes. Without this credential, one cannot enter a Verizon account. Once you have entered Verizon user Id correctly, enter next on the Verizon email login page.

  1. Enter authentic Verizon password

A Verizon password is authentic to the Verizon account and ID. Therefore, it is important to enter a Verizon password to get access to your emails.  

That’s it! Verizon email involves only two simple steps to log in and get access to services. Be sure to enter the password properly, as it’s case sensitive, and the caps lock should not be on if not in use.

Most Common Login Problems In Verizon:

Some of the most common Verizon login problems are addressed in this section. If you are facing any of the mentioned problems, then reaching email support is a good option. First of all, sign in to your Verizon account by entering Verizon email login credentials

  1. Internet must not be working or switched to another service with better service bandwidth.
  2. Reverify password to make sure that it is correct in upper cases and lower cases
  3. Try to use a different device for accessing Verizon accounts if the device is giving any issues.
  4. Try incognito mode and then try logging in Verizon page
  5. Clear all unnecessary cookies, caches and history if you are unable to login or site crashes. Make another sign-in attempt
  6. Temporarily disable any plug-ins, anti-virus or anti-malware that is obstructing your login process.

These are the most common issues that people face and solutions to them are easy. You can contact Verizon support to solve any other technical issues through their helpline numbers.


Wondering how to correctly login in to my Verizon account? Then the above article is just curated for you! In the above guide, find the step-by-step process to login into Verizon accounts. Follow the above guide and never go wrong in enjoying the benefits of a Verizon account!

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