Are you trying to find a game that will remove the boredom of staycation? Or are you trying to fill time with nostalgic games like animal crossing or similar ones? Retro games or nostalgic games allow us to explore computer games when they were still simple. Simplicity can be beautiful, especially when you want to relieve stress and boredom.

Nostalgic games are in demand these days because of social distancing. These games are also known as ‘social simulation games’ because they present an everyday situation that you do every day. These games let you remove weeds, cultivate plants, fish, and even survive on an island with all the resources you can have in the game. These games also depend on decision-making. These will determine your score and how you successfully interact with your environment and its inhabitants. Playing these games helps you build skills that can apply in real-life situations.

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Nintendo launched games like Animal Crossing back in 2001. It’s a top-rated game and continues to endure among the new generation. The latest iteration is Animal Crossing New Horizons. The game is fun because it is colorful. The game starts with a character trying to book a flight to Animal Crossing. It gives you the option as to the kind of island you want to go to. The game also aims to simulate the environment you have. This makes it comfortable for you to live within the game environment. Animal Crossing can be addictive because of its attractive graphics and tricky situations that are wholesome. In fact, this is the game you will be comfortable with when played by your kids.

Nintendo Continues to Provide New Games. 

The company is also a pioneer in computer games. They’re already doing it while other companies are still in the gestation period with their own products. Having them back in your life is a vital thing. If you are a gamer who finds new games too complicated, then games like animal crossing are great for you. Some people are trying to dabble with the gaming world, though they are not hardcore gamers. Such games will appeal to them. There’s too much clutter with these current games that make the head swim. Nostalgic games rely on fundamental human values like kindness, responsibility, common sense, and also friendliness. Without these qualities, it is hard to navigate through them. Having these in mind, you can now start playing the game. 

Nostalgic Games have Several Advantages:

  1. They are wholesome and are safe with kids. There’s no violence or crude language. The scenarios are real-life situations, but with introducing fantasy because of talking animals.
  2. You can go anywhere in the game environment. In fact, this is the thing you would do in actual life. You can go around the island, collect seashells, remove weeds, and gather fruits. These games are also not graphics-intensive, so there are fewer chances the game is going to lag. The entire game makes you feel you have taken the vacation yourself.
  3. They help you with decision making. These scenarios mimic that of real-life. Your character will need to interact with different characters. The game also capitalizes on your wit and how you will survive if given a chance to go on an adventure on a lovely island. 
  4. The game depends on your pace. There is no time pressure. This also goes for other Nintendo games of the same kind. You can play this game while still fell relaxed. There is no enemy. The whole situation depends on your attitude in dealing with people and places. Other games feel too competitive. They will also pump up your adrenaline, which is not healthy in the long run. Games like Animal Crossing don’t do that. They maintain your moods and make you feel good after.

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Some Disadvantages

  1. These games can only be played by a single player. So, you are the type who likes to interact with other players, which is not for you. 
  2. These games are simple. They are graphically and also environmentally limited to the environment your character is staying in.


These nostalgic games are fun and relaxing. These nostalgic games are meant to stay. You can even play them on any computer, even the older ones. The games compel you to be responsible. You will learn to clean your environment and be a responsible citizen of the island. There are also interesting characters and creatures in these games. This is endearing because interaction, whether as a game or actual life, is a human need. Passing the time is worth it, especially in a time when you cannot go out at a whim. Playing these games can also help enjoy life vicariously. You don’t even have to be there to enjoy the game. That’s the beauty of the imagination.

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